4 M.D. – for medical czech/german/english/russian translation

Medical translation team – Prague. Express contact: 608 666 582.

Translations Of Medical Texts in Prague without mediation charge. Our team of 4 M.D. is ready to examine every medical text and to translate it. Last decade we have translated more than 40 medical reports from/to English, from/to German, from/to Russian and Croatian. Our colleague is ready to translate also during the weekend and supply a translation of a very high quality. Usually we are able to supply a translation of 20 standard pages in 2 days without problems.

Medical: lékařský překlad do angličtiny

If necessary our team of 4 M.D. translators can provide a translation of 20 pages in 8 hours. What we can supply is a perfect medical translation from Czech or other foreign language, a translation which is right in medical content, style and English grammar. We are ready to translate both medical reports as well as medical studies.Contact us HERE.

For more information – contact us HERE.

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