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  • 30.9.2018

Medical translation team – Prague. Express contact: 608 666 582.

Translations Of Medical Texts in Prague without mediation charge. Our team of 4 M.D. is ready to examine every medical text and to translate it. Last decade we have translated more than 40 medical reports from/to English, from/to German, from/to Russian and Croatian. Our colleague is ready to translate also during the weekend and supply a translation of a very high quality. Usually we are able to supply a translation of 20 standard pages in 2 days without problems.

Medical: lékařský překlad do angličtiny

If necessary our team of 4 M.D. translators can provide a translation of 20 pages in 8 hours. What we can supply is a perfect medical translation from Czech or other foreign language, a translation which is right in medical content, style and English grammar. We are ready to translate both medical reports as well as medical studies.Contact us HERE.


The outpatient department: the ultrasonographic examination – breasts and axilles:
The examination performed via the device Toshiba AplioXG, the serial No.:99G0995127,e.No. MH0001080 I St.p. operation of the right breast due to the breast carcinoma in 2016, now the suspect osseous metastases. The mammary gland is echogeneous and preserved in the more thick continuous layer. In the retroareolar region is the more distinctive hypogeneous drawing of the milk duct. The mutual cysts in the mammary gland, the size makes up to 6 mm. I do not differentiate the more serious focal changes. In the axillar regions are captured the normal normoechogeneous lymphatic nodes.

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