Certified translations in Prague: express service

Právní překlady v Praze, Brně a celé ČR. Právní překlady i s ověřením. Disponibilita pro expresní překlady. Tým překladatelů PO - NE: 608 666 582

Contact number: +420 608 666 582

Our english legal translation team is ready to sodisfy any request of legacy or liguistic parameter of the client´s texts. We havea quite high capacity of translated pages/words in/from english every month. It is something about 120.000/2.000.000. I am speakig about the possibility to have an english text from any other european language we are offering to you. They are mainly: german, italian, russian, polish, arabian; or to have all these languages if you need to give us an english text. We are translating both of quality of legal texts: contracts ecc. like the plenary sessions with so-called sworn/legalize attribute (8 certified translators in the whole Prague).

We are ready to answer you all questions about linguistic details of every text you need to translate – contact us HERE. 

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