Medical translation team – Prague

Medicínské překlady z/do angličtiny, němčiny a dalších jazyků. Překlad lékařem. Garantovaný překlad. Expresní kontakt: 608 666 582.

Czech Medical translation team – Prague. Express contact: 608 666 582.

Our medical translation team is ready to translate a high number of standard pages both from the Czech and the Slovak. Our 4 colleagues for the English and 3 colleagues for the German medical translation are perfectly harmonized to supply a very extensive medical text or a very short text in the shortest time, for example: 2 full pages in 2 hours. It is called in this case: super express medical translation, like that one we translated last week.

Czech Medical translation

It was a 6 pages medical report of an American citizen hospitalized in the hospital na Františku. We supplied the translation in 2 hours and 30 minutes from the moment we had received it (and it was sent immediately to U.S. to make it analized from an American doctor). Our medical team in direct cooperation makes translations of: medical reports, medical studies, farmaceutical studies – for CRA, case history and specilized medical analisis for Czech citizens – II WW reparations (in German language).

For more information, contact us HERE.

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