Grafika manuálů

  • 19.12.2019

Překlady výkresů v manuálech z angličtiny. Překlady manuálů + vypracování grafiky. Překlad 72 stran manuálů, 4 hodiny práce na grafice. Dokonalý výsledek, +420 608 666 582.

When speaking to the translator, although I think I actually spent close to 20 hours on the job. It had many complications with 112 broken graphics of machine console displays and around 30 symbols that had to be recreated. However, when the translator and I spoke initially and the manually, we didn’t really agree about any max time for work or price, and those grounds I figure that more than what I now ask for can be difficult to fit within the total budget of the project, which probably didn’t take much of this into account.


However, for the future, the translator and I have talked about to put together a presentations for client, to help then understand the difficulties and complications with PDF and their translation. Also, to help them understand the benefit and value of quality work and what that means to their end product. I love this kind of work and have become very good at it, and is able to do magic with almost any pdf document when it comes to restoring is after conversion, so it looks almost if not exactly the same as the original, but of course being able to get paid for the real value of my work would make a big difference.


As I see it, it’s another product of value we can offer to clients, that makes us stand out in comparison to other agencies. Anyone can convert a pdf for translations, and convert it back, but the result is more often than not something of beauty you like to rest your eyes on – You as an Italian of anyone of to know the importance of beauty, whether it concerns a woman or a document.
  • Překlady katalogů do slovenštiny.
  • Překlady katalogů z polštiny.
  • Překlady katalogů z němčiny.
  • Překlady katalogů a manuálů do španělštiny.

Individuální cenu za překlad technického manuálu – poptávejte ZDE.

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Grafika manuálů