Prague Sworn translators – CZ, EN, DE etc.

Právní překlady v Praze, Brně a celé ČR. Právní překlady i s ověřením. Disponibilita pro expresní překlady. Tým překladatelů PO - NE: 608 666 582

Certified translations in Prague 1, 2, 3. Express contact: +420 608 666 582

Sworn translation in Prague We are proveding with our direct team all types of sworn/certified translations. Our service is unfolded in around of center of Prague thanks a wide team of sworn translators – all specialized in one or more languages.


Like a very flexible team we are able to supply tranlations in a very short terms of time, also with an delivery service – how probably unique agency in Prague. Our prices is favourable because of a direct team of translators, which are: czech-english, german-english, russian-english, italian-english, polish-englih, russian-german, czech-german, czech-russian, italian-german, italian-russian and so on


Our express team is stringently specialized in quick klients, company clients – which need in any way to recieve a very quick document translations, for. ex.: 1 hour, 2 hours ecc.It´s a pleasure for us to translate as the common documents like born certificates, marriage certificate, diploma ad other more complex documents – business and rental and purchase contracts.

If you need a very quick answer about your documentation, call us HERE please.

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