Překlad Krajská zdravotní, a.s.

  • 8.3.2023

Masaryk Hospital – Masarykova nemocnice, in Ústí nad Labem, o.z.

Krajská zdravotní, a.s., Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, o.z.

Sociální péče 3316 /12A, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem
Company ID: 25488627
Phone: +420,477,111,111
Fax: +420,477,115/020
Email: sekretariat@mnul.cz

CT scan of the brain, CT scan of the neck, CT scan of the chest, CT scan of the abdomen, CT scan of the pelvis

Ukázka z překladu:

On the neck bilaterally there are numerous nodes up to 9 mm in the short axis, on the left side of the neck up to the left superficial medial two nodes up to 10 mm in the short axis – stationary from PET CT scan from August 21, 2019, probably benign.

Thyroid gland is without lesion changes.

Otherwise around the sprouts and axils without lymphadenopathy.

No apparent mediastinal or hilar lymphadenopathy.

A large fluidothorax of up to 84 mm is visible on the right, and a small size of up to 16 mm on the left.

Lung parenchyma is without apparent lesion or infiltrative changes.

A small pericardial effusion of up to 6 mm is apparent.

Large liver hypodensities are apparent in the liver, the largest being up to 129 x 71 mm. Biliary tract is without dilatations, gallbladder of normal size, no pathological content, fine wall.

The head of the pancreas is partially infiltrated by the tumor process of the duodenum – the tumor infiltration of the duodenum has a total size of CC 63 x LL 51 x VD 50 mm. Otherwise, pancreas without apparent changes.

Spleen is not enlarged, structure is homogeneous .

Adrenal glands are without expansion. Both kidneys have normal size and structure, the calyx-pelvis system is without dilatation.

Abdominal aorta of usual lumen, distances are preserved. Paraaortally are more frequent small nodules, parailiacally are noticeable nodules of size up to 7 mm in the short axis.

Apparent ascites and several meta lesions in the left mesogastrium up to 56 x 44 mm are also visible in the abdomen.

Intestinal loops are without dilatation. Urinary bladder is underfilled. The uterus is not enlarged.

Without inguinal lymphadenopathy.

Postup objednání lékařského překladu

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